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10 Nov

What’s The Difference Between A Hostel And A Hotel?

There are two main differences between hostels and hotels: the price, and the people.

Staying in a hostel will save you huge amounts of money, whether it’s a six month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia with your mates, or a long weekend in Rome with your bae.

But the main reason people stay in hostels isn’t the price, it’s the people.

The social atmosphere in hostels is totally unique, and it’s what makes hostelling so addictive. It can transform your trip from a sightseeing tour into a more meaningful experience.

You’ll meet new friends from all over the world. You’ll cook together, drink together, and go on adventures together.

You’ll get tips from the hostel staff, some of who might have exclusive local knowledge, and others who are travellers just like you.

In terms of facilities, location and safety, hostels can easily give hotels a run for their money.

They’ve got rooftop pools, kingsize beds, 24/7 security and en-suite bathrooms.

To find out just how luxurious hostels have become, read the section on hostel facilities above.

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