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weather in Rome
15 Dic

Weather in Rome … during Christmas time (and winter)

Weather in Rome; here you’ll find all the information you need: climate, temperature, what there is to do at this time of year and what you should pack to be ready – whatever the weather.

And yes – it does sometimes snow!

It may be wet, it may even sometimes be grey, but Rome is wonderful at any time of year – and the winter is no exception.

In fact, we actively plan to visit every December and January. It’s a magical time as the city gears up for Christmas, celebrates New Year, and then winds down quietly, waiting for Spring.

It isn’t as crowded as during the summer, restaurant prices aren’t hiked and all the monuments are open.

So if you’re planning a trip at this time of year, you’ve chosen well.

The weather can be unpredictable, but all you need to do is plan well, and bring the right clothes.

Winter temperatures.

The temperature in the run-up to Christmas is usually still quite mild, rarely falling below freezing.

January tends to be the coldest month with temperatures averaging from 1°C (34°F) to a high of 12°C (54°F).

Until recently, snow was virtually unheard of, but it seems to be becoming more common.  In 2010 there was snow after the weather in the city had been snow-free for twenty-one years.

In 2012 it was heavy enough to keep the Colosseum closed for several weeks in February and March.

Does it rain?

Oh yes, it certainly rains!

Winter weather in Rome, and in central and southern Italy generally, is usually quite mild, but it can be very wet. The wettest months are November and December but it can carry on raining right through until March.

The River Tiber has a history of flooding during the winter and very early Spring months, but there’s no need to worry.

The city itself is rarely affected – you’ll see the high embankment walls running alongside the river. Built in the 19th Century to stop the city from flooding, they contain any rise in water level.

What clothes to pack?

It’s common sense, really.  The weather may be mild, but may not.  If temperatures drop, the winds can be icy, so a warm coat and a couple of sweaters are in order. Italians (both men and women) love nothing better than a nice scarf – you’ll see them worn from September onwards – so you’ll fit right in if you pack one.

But the weather can also be mild, so bring some lighter clothes – and of course hotels are always warm, so you won’t be needing those warmer clothes once you’re inside.

And bear in mind that, even in winter, Italians are very stylish.  If you’re going to bring boots, make them fashion boots – leave the Wellies at home!

Source: Rome’s winter weather

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