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Walking 3D Tour of Rome and Colosseum


Walk through the Roman and Imperial Forum, visit the Circus Maximus and the Barracks of the Gladiators, and experience Rome the way it looked like 2,000 years ago! Join our original Virtual Tour of Rome Ancient City.

The first reaction we see when our guests put the 3D glasses on their nose is a beautiful, fully-rounded, amazed: oooh! This virtual tour of Rome ancient city will take your breath away from you. We have designed this immersive 3D Tour of Rome Ancient City with the help and advice of the most experienced archaeologist and tour guides in Rome, and we have created them with the best developers and graphic designers on the market.

Our virtual reality points are placed on a carefully designed itinerary. We picked only the most suggestive and inspiring points of Rome ancient city. Famous points, at times; little known, some other times. But always unique, beautiful and significant. During this walking virtual tour, you will make stops to see the ancient city reconstructed in virtual reality. We promise, you won’t believe your eyes.

You will find yourself literally immersed in ancient Rome as your guide illustrates to you, with words, what you already see – and touch, almost — with your eyes.

Ancient Colosseum: A Virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift What if you could visit ancient Rome? Radical VR offers museum visitors a front-row seat to a gladiator match in the Roman Colosseum. We take you on a tour of one of the most significant pieces of architecture of the ancient world!


Virtual reality and guided walking tours. What do these things have in common? We think that they have a lot.

We at Roma Experience have designed an Ancient Rome virtual tour in collaboration with the best guides in Rome, developers and archaeologists. We create an experience to provide you with a technological support to make your regular ancient Rome tour just amazing and unforgettable.

You will move in real space and you will experience and move in the virtual space as well. And right there, where the two dimensions meet, your expert tour guide will tell you about the history, the legends and great stories of Rome. You will walk through the Imperial Forum and up to the Capitoline Hill and virtually see the Temple of Concorde and the Roman Forum; you will walk all around the Colosseum and virtually travel down to the Underground area of the Colosseum with the lions and gladiators; you will see  3D reconstructions of the Circus Maximus and the School of the Gladiators, and much much more, as your guide tells you about all that you see — really see with our 3D glasses.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Ancient city with different eyes! Book now your unique and immersive 3D walking tour of Rome and the Colosseum!

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3D Tour of Rome and Colosseum, Rome Virtual Tour | Roma Experience

Virtual tour of Rome Ancient City that will take your breath away. Join our cutting-edge virtual reality experience of Rome, the first philologically accurate 3D reconstruction of Rome in a guided tour. Roma Experience Virtual Tour of Rome: where real and virtual space meet.

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